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In general, our Estate focus is on drafting documentation, powers of attorney, wills, heath care directives - also probate and administrative orders. If you already have counsel elsewhere, do not contact us for advice or an opinion as it is against the rules for us to comment on your legal matter. We don't handle litigation or disputes regarding Estate matters, or any other contentious matter or police matter re same, including interpretations of documents re validity or otherwise, that we have not drafted. (**Note: We generally do not take on last minute, urgent deathbed Wills).

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If you try to Settle your matter first, it might only cost you a few hours of your time and relatively little expense. However, compare this with going the route of a Small Claim first. If you go to small claims court. You first have to Serve the other party, the defendant with a Statement of Claim. go through all the formalities, time and expense of Court. And, there is always a chance that you will lose if you pursue a small claim. If you do, the time, effort and money expended will likely be more than if you lose at a potential Settlement. Further, if you lose with a small claim in court, you could have costs assessed against you.

Generally, Small Claims Court deals with civil cases, which are private disputes against individuals or business. An agreement or contract has not been honoured. That’s our focus.

Examples of claims that we handle re Demand/Settlement/Small Claims:

>Unpaid account. Default or failure to pay for goods, services or loans
>Disputes over poor workmanship. Example with home or car repairs
>Breach of Contract
>Property Damage
>NSF cheque

So there is credence to the old saying, "why rush to Judgement"? Since there is no guarantee that you'll get Judgement in your favour in Small Claims Court, there's extra incentive to try to settle out-of-court beforehand with the other party (the Defendant).

You have every right to demand what is rightfully yours.

And don't let anyone tell you different. In a world of decaying quality and service, isn't it time for you to stand up for yourself and your rights?

You want to maximize your chances of success while limiting your costs. The logistics are where we can step in and help you. You want what's yours back. Be it money, goods or a service. You've heard of Collection Agencies. Can they help you? Possibly not. In most cases, first you require a Judgement in your favour in order to employ the services of a collection agency. But, what's a Judgement? And, if you do sue, depending on the assets of the defendant, you may or may not be able to collect on the Judgement. Other less costly options exist. Contact us for details.

Note, we do not currently handle disputes or claims involving:

Ownership or title to land
Landlords and tenants
Wills, Estates or the administration of a trust.
Family matters that would come under the authority of a Court’s Family Division.

Defamation, (libel and/or slander)
False imprisonment
Malicious prosecution

First, you have to come to the realization that most lawsuits are over before they ever go to court. How so? They are settled out-of-court. It's been said the main purpose of a lawsuit is to settle. The smartest, most effective lawsuits are often the ones you've never heard of. They didn't make the news, they were settled out-of-court. They were over and done before they ever started. So why not maximize your chances of winning, while simultaneously keeping a lid on your costs? Is an attempt at a "Settlement" right for you? Realizing and grasping the 'POWER OF SETTLEMENT'

First, why rush to "Judgement"? When you sue someone, there is no guarantee that you'll get Judgement in your favour in Small Claims Court. So, it's worth an attempt at settlement first.

Are you owed for Payment of Goods or Services provided? Contract not honoured? Poor workmanship?  Now what?

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